A very active media industry in Turkey is made up of several hundred television networks, thousands of local and national radio stations, a dozen newspapers, productive and profitable national cinema and a swiftly developing broadband Internet use. The TV is still an essential media for 18 million households. A majority of houses have a multi-channel dish and access. Hundreds of television channels are offered by public TRT and several small and significant commercial broadcasters. The five network-specific chains, Kanal D, Show TV, ATV, Fox and Star, share most audiences. Time-Warner, News Corp., Al-Jazeera and other companies invest internationally, but television is still mainly a domestic company. In 1990, the public broadcaster lost its monopoly and has since been seeking to regain its audience, although it now has a total of 14. The flagship TRT1, news, sports, children, music and documentary channels are included in its line-up.

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