Hotels in Turkey range from luxurious hotel chains to small, simple hotels run by families. In Turkey, there are many kinds of hotels, from small two-star to five-star hotels all inclusive. If you want to spend your summer holidays in Turkey, you need to book in advance. The choice of the best hotel can make a real difference for your holidays. In Turkish major tourist destinations and major cities, you will find the most important international hotel brand. Guests can stay in rooms or suites and enjoy speed dialling facilities, including room services and a childcare centre, as well as restaurants and bars. Accommodation is affordable and you can find a hotel that fits just about any budget. Staying at a 5-star hotel offers you and your family every comfort. Two to five stars range, and accordingly prices vary. You will find many hotels in Turkey, which match your budget and itineraries, affordable or luxurious, lively or quiet. Most hotels are inscribed on the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey.

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