Turkey is providing excellent treatment opportunities in terms of the services in medical & healthcare sector with its high quality and successful medical operations. Medical services in Turkey is very efficiency and satisfies all economical expectations as well. Turkey has abundance of private health institutions with state-of-the-art technology and qualified medical and service personnel. Today, Turkey is the country with largest number of JCI accredited institutions. Modern, hygienic hospitals with 5-star facilities, ISO 9001 certification and JCI (Joint Commission International) standard Internationally qualified with its English-speaking surgeons and health specialists. The latest advanced medical equipment and techniques Medical System is applied based on US model. Turkey also offers excellent patient care and service from highly qualified medical staff. Favorable exchange rates leads the top quality private treatment is available at affordable prices. Turkey is not too far or too expensive to travel due to the geographical position of the country. There are more than thousand of private hospitals in the country await for the international patients.

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