Big cities in Turkey offer and host a vast variety of annual cultural festivals and match throughout the country as well as other European cities for the breadth of its arts scene. Opera and ballet, state-subsidized theatre, make performances affordable for everyone and there's something going on almost every night at various venues around its cities. Music features heavily over the summer months when international festivals draw musicians from all over the world. Tickets for many cultural events, as well as sporting events, can even be purchased online. Traditionally, nightlife meant meyhanes (taverns) and gazinos (drinking clubs serving delicious mezes, with entertainment from singers and oriental dancers). Overpriced all-singing, all-dancing cabarets geared towards coachloads of tourists also. Some traditional and atmospheric meyhanes still exist, Cafe-bars and modern nightclubs are getting more popular in the cities of Turkey. A youthful population, a booming economy and relentless westernization, it is not surprising that especially Istanbul, Izmir, Çeşme, Bodrum, Alaçatı even Ankara are establishing a major reputation for clubbing. The best bars and clubs are in these areas. Jazz joints to sophisticated cafes, and from basement bars where Turkish youth practice their guitars to a fair number of dubious establishments are also live. Bottomline, Turkey is a paradise for entertainment lovers.

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