Turkey's turquoise waters are usually very visible and offer many treasures. Come and discover the turquoise coastline, rich underwater fauna and caves, thousands of years old and shipwrecks. So the diver frequently calls Turkey the marvelous country. A wide variety of fish species, coral reefs, wrecks and other beauty of the underwater await you in the destinations of diving. Here are Turkish turquoise crystal waters' best diving spots. Turkey is the best place to dive in turquoise waters and the world. Skatches and even remains of the historical cities can be discovered by divers from underwater caves. You will enjoy exploring Turkey's underwater sights if you prefer a different perspective. In recent years, scuba diving has really started in Turkey, partly because the visibility of 30-meter clear warm waters and rich natural and historical treasures under the waters are common. However, Turkey also offers excellent value for money compared to many other destinations. The diving season usually takes place between April and November. A variety of fishes, coral reefs, wrecks and all other beauties await you at Kas, Antalya, Cesme, Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris, for diving lovers.

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