Turkey is an ideal place for horseback riding. Love of horses has always been a part of Turkish culture. Cappadocia has been known for centuries as the "land of horses." Horseback riding around Daday, Arac, Eflani, Safranbolu, Ulus and Devrek (which are near Kastamonu and Bartin) can be enjoyed along the little pathways surrounded by valleys full of orchids in spring, and leaf trees in autumn. Apart from this, it is possible to go riding in the big cities - Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, as well as Marmaris, Kemer, Antalya, Side, Cesme and Karacabey. For more information: Genclik ve Spor Gn. Md. Binicilik federation, Ulus ishani Ulus Ankara Tel: (312) 310 42 17, Fax: (312) 324 51 12



The plains of Turkey are a unique experience in themselves. The high plains are meadows with large grasslands, plenty of water resources and natural beauty. On the Taurus Mountains, Tekir and Barcicek meadows will present you with scenes from a secret heaven. The Black Sea region's plateaus have natural beauty and people there still observe the original meadow life of old. Artvin-Kafkaslar, Rize-Ayder, Trabzon-Kadirga, Karadag, Erikbeli, Hidimebi and Giresun-Kumbet, Sinop-Guzfindik and Bozarmut-Ordu-Keyfalan-Cambasi are some of the most spectacular views in that region.



Turkey, situated at the crossroads of three continents, forms a bridge between the reproductive areas of birds in the north and their winter nests in the south. One of the most important stops for birds along this route is Izmir-Cesmealti. This area was declared a natural heritage region in 1985, and this has offered the possibility of natural and cultural activities. "Kus Cenneti," Bird Heaven National Park, near Bandirma, is another important example where natural and cultural values coexist. This area provides different environments. Bird Heaven is a real heaven both for bird-lovers and ornithologists. Important places where different bird types exist include: Buyuk Menderes Delta, Lake Seyfe (near Kirsehir), Sultan Marshes (near Kayseri) and Goksu Delta (near Silifke). For more information: Natural Wildlife Protection Association
Dogal Hayati Koruma Demegi P.K. 18 Bebek - Istanbul Tel: (212) 279 01 39 - 40, Fax: (212) 279 55 44

Special info for the ornithologs: Our Agency has a wide contact with universities. If you have any special information please send your message, we’ll be pleased to forward your message to the science departments.



The recreation areas licensed by the Ministry of Forestry with camping possibilities on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are:


   Çamlik - 2 km. from Ayvalik.
   Tavsanburnu - between Milet and Didyma Beach.
   Gökova - 30 km. from Mugla, on the road-Marmaris Beach.
   Çubucak - 20 km. from Marmaris Beach.
   Ölüdeniz- 17 km. from Fethiye, on the lagoon of Oludeniz Beach.
   Kidirak - 18 km. from Fethiye Beach.
   Düzlerçami - 19 km. from Antalya on the Korkuteli Highway.
   Kepezbasi - 10 km. from Antalya, on the road to Burdur.
   Incekum - 19 km. before Alanya, on the Antalya-Alanya highway.
   Erdemli Sahil Çamligi - 2 km. from Erdemli, on the Silifke-Mersin road.
   Karatas Kumlugu - 2 km. from Karatas (near Adana).
   Katranci - 18 km. from Fethiye, on the Marmaris-Datca Road.


For more information about camping sites and conditions please contact us


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