Underwater diving in Turkish waters with amateur equipment is permitted in certain areas for leisure purposes under the guidance of local authorities. Detailed information can be obtained from your nearest Turkish Tourist Information Office abroad. For comprehensive information just contact us or click here



Another of nature's gifts to Turkey are its rivers. They provide perfect conditions for canoeing, skiing and rafting. These rivers are: Coruh, Barhal, Berta, Firtina, Colakli, Koprucay, Manavgat, Dragon, Goksu (Silifke), Zamanti, Goksu (Feke), Kizilirmak, and Dalaman cayi. For more information please click here



Turkish seas are a haven for windsurfers. The bays around the Cesme, Bodrum and Datca peninsulas are blessed with ideal winds for this sport (Antalya is also suitable). Enthusiasts will be pleased with the very reasonable cost, international standards, ideal climate, secluded bays and available services. For information about the surfing school, contact Deren Koray Tourism



Tourists may fish for sporting purposes in non-prohibited regions without obtaining licenses. Amateur equipment and noncommercial, multi-hooked lines should be used, and nets should not weigh more than 5 kg. Commercial fishing by foreigners carries heavy penalties. Details concerning fishing zones, minimum fish size and the number of fish that may be caught per person, can be obtained from;

   -Orman Bakanligi, Su Uruinleri Sb. Md. Gazi Tesisleri II Nolu Bina Gazi Ankara (Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs), Ankara. Tel : (312) 212 63 00, 221 21 70.



Turkey's historical and natural beauties include well-maintained and secluded golf courses. Golfers will be delighted with the 18-hole golf links, which are maintained within international standards. In addition, there are open tournaments in Turkey as well. You may check our tours page for golf on 4 season



There are several locations in Turkey that provide perfect conditions for all types of wind and air sports. These sports include: plane gliding, hang gliding, parachuting,-and single engine flights. There are services that provide instruction courses in these sports for groups of 10 people or more, providing they speak the same language. You can have a look at our web page for paragliding that is the most popular one in Turkey. For more information, you also may contact :

- Turkish Air Defense General Directorate (Turk Hava Kurumu Genel Baskanligi Havacilik Mudurlugu ): Ataturk Bulvari No: 33, Opera-Ankara. Tel: (312) 310 48 40, Fax: (312) 310 04 13, Tlx: (0607) 44270 THKB TR. For more information please click here



With numerous caves in various regions, Turkey is an ideal place for spelunkers. Spelunking (exploring caves), highlights many different aspects of Turkey. The most beautiful and interesting caves are located in the Toros region, southeast and northwest Anatolia and Thrace. For detailed information, write to:

   -Maden Tetkik Arama (MTA) Genel Mudurlugu jeoloji (Mineral Examination and Exploration, General Directorate of Geology), Etudler Dairesi, 06520, Ankara.Tel : (312) 287 34 30 /ext 1622. Fax : (312) 285 42 71. 



Foreigners can only hunt in parties organized by Turkish travel agencies which have been authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. These agencies provide all information concerning seasons, authorized zones, permits, weapons, and ammunition. A list of agencies can be obtained from The Union of Travel Agencies (TURSAB)


For more information:

    -Forest Ministry, National Parks and Wildlife General Directorate (Orman Bakanligi ve Milli Parklar, Av-Yaban Hayati Genel Mfidfirlfi9fl), Gazi Tesisleri No: II; Gazi- Ankara Tel: (312) 221 17 69 - 212 63 00 / 2260, Fax: (312) 222 51 40

-Youth and Sport General Directorate, Hunting and Marksman Federation (GencIik ve Spor Genel Md. Aticilik, Avcilik Federasyonu.) Ulus Ishani A Blok 4. Kat Ulus Ankara Tel: (312) 310 61 60 - 310 39 60 / 304 - 305, Fax: (312) 310 61 60


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