(Wed like to remind that some Turkish letters contain some dots. During the encoding process, computers have some problems reading all these letters. Below, youll find similar letters of those in order to avoid leading any strange characters and symbols)

The detailed and exact conversation guide will be handed to our guest as soon as their arrival. Just have a glance for getting acquaintance for now

Everyday phrases and polite expressions

To the words "hos geldiniz" (welcome), you reply "hosbulduk"

Hello                         Merhaba
Goodbye                       Allahaismarladik (said by the person leaving. Gule gule (said by   the person seeing his friend off)
Good morning                  Gunaydin
Good evening                  Iyi Aksamlar
Good night                    Iyi Geceler
How are you?                  Nasilsiniz?
I am well, thank you.         Iyiyim, tesekkur ederim
Please                        Lutfen
Thank you                     Tesekkur ederim or mersi
Yes                           Evet
No                            Hayir
There is                      Var
I want                        Istiyorum
There is not                  Yok (used to express the availability or unavailability of something, respectively)


 1 Bir        11 Onbir           101 Yuzbir
 2 Iki        25 Yirmibes        200 Ikiyuz
 3 Uc         30 Otuz            300 Ucyuz
 4 Dort       40 Kirk           1000 Bin
 5 Bes        5O Elli           2000 Ikibin
 6 Alti       60 Altmis
 7 Yedi       70 Yetmis
 8 Sekiz      80 Seksen
 9 Dokuz      90 Doksan
10 On        100 Yuz

The days

Sunday            Pazar
Monday            Pazartesi
Tuesday           Sali
Wednesday         Çarsamba
Thursday          Persembe
Friday            Cuma
Saturday          Cumartesi

The Time

When?             Ne zaman?
Yesterday/today   Dün, bugün
Tomorrow          Yarin
Moming aftemoon   Sabah, Ogleden sonra
Evening/night     Aksam, gece
One hour          Bir saat
What is the time? Saat kac?
At what time?     Saat kacta?

While travelling

Airport                      Hava alani
A room                       Bir oda
Port                         Liman
Two people                   Iki kisi
A room with a bath           Banyolu bir oda
Town centre                  Sehir merkezi
Where is it ?                Nerede?
What is the price?           Fiyati nedir?
Is it far?                   Uzak mi?
Hot water                    Sicak su
Tourism bureau               Turizm burosu
A supplementary bed          Ilave bir yatak
Repair garage                Bir tamirci
good hotel                   Iyi bir otel
Breakfast                    Kahvalti
Restaurant                   Bir lokanta
Butter                       Tereyag
Attention                    Dikkat
Coffee                       Kahve
Tea                          Çay
Milk                         Sut
Petrol                       Benzin
Sugar                        Seker
Petrol station               Benzin istasyonu
The bill                     Hesap
Oil                          Motor yagi
Change of oil                Yag degistirme
Shopping                     Alisveris
Tire                         Lastik
How much is it?              Bu ne kadar?
Brakes                       Frenler
It is very expensive         Çok pahali
Spark plugs                  Bujiler
It does not work.            Calismiyor
I do not like it.            Begenmedim

In the restaurant

Bread           Ekmek
Meat            Et
Water           Su
Mutton          Koyun eti
Mineral water   Maden suyu
Lamb            Kuzu eti
Fruit juice     Meyva Suyu
Beef            Sigir eti
Wine            Sarap
Veal            Dana eti
Beer            Bira
Chicken         Pilic, Tavuk
Ice             Buz
Fish            Balik


Several Turkish dishes
Hors-d'oeuvre "mezeler"

Amavut cigeri Spicy fried liver with onions
Cerkez tavugu Cold chicken in 'walnut puree with garlic
Cig Kofte Spicy raw meatballs (beware its really hot !)
Midye dolmasi Stuffed mussels (recommended with lemon juice)
Yaprak dolmasi Stuffed ape leaves (recommended with lemon juice with olive oil)


Corbalar              Soups

Yayla Çorbasi         Yogurt soup
Dugun Çorbasi         Meat soup with egg
Iskembe Çorbasi       Tripe soup (Recommenden with garlic and vinegar/lemon


Izgaralar             grills

Doner Kebap           Lamb grilled on a
Pirzola               Lamb chops
Bonfile               Steak filet
Sis Kebap             Grilled lamb on skewers (Shish Kebap)


Pilavlar              Pilafs

Sade pilav            Plain rice pilaf
Sis köfte             Grilled meatballs (Shish kofte)
Iç pilav              Rice with nuts, currants, and onions
Bulgur pilavi         Cracked wheat pilaf


Cold vegetables in olive oil "Zeytinyaglilar"

Imam bayildi Split aubergine with tomatoes and onions
Kabak kizartmasi Fried baby marrow slices served with yogurt
Patlican kizartmasi Fried aubergine slices served with yogurt
Zeytinyagli fasulye Green beans in tomato sauce


Savoury pastries Börekler"

Sigara böregi Fried filo pastry filled with cheese (cigar shape)
Su böregi Layers of filo pastry baked with cheese or meat filling
Talas böregi Puff pastry filled with meat


Salads "Salatalar"

Cacik Chopped cucumber in garlic flavoured yogurt
Coban salatasi Mixed tomato, pepper, cucumber, and onion salad
Patlican salatasi Pureed aubergine salad
Piyaz Haricot bean salad


Desserts "Tatlilar"

Baklava Flaky pastry stuffed with nuts in syrup
Tel Kadayif Shredded wheat stuffed with nuts in syrup
Sütlaç Creamy cold rice pudding
Komposto Cold stewed fruit
Dondurrna Ice cream


Fruits "Meyvalar"

Grapes                  Üzüm
Honey dew melon         Kavun
Peaches                 Seftali
Watermelon              Karpuz
Plums                   Erik
Apple                   Elma
Apricots                Kayisi
Pear                    Armut
Cherries                Kiraz
Banana                  Muz
Figs                    Incir


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