Being a Turkish Travel, we're proud of presenting higher standard for special tours for individuals and small groups. Apart from package tours we also present the best programs at most reasonable prices for both tailor made programs and the programs in our "tours" page. It doesn't matter which ever program you choose, please be sure that we give you the best both in Turkey and abroad.

Our guides who are professional in their jobs give only VIP service. Our luxurious and smoke free vans featuring mini bar, TV, mobile phone, automated A/C system is on your order now! You'll enjoy chauffeured driving along the cradle of civilization by our drivers who can speak different languages. It's privilege and fun to travel by Turkish Travel VIP service. Not only for the land operations but also we provide the best comfort in blue voyage programs.

For this exclusive program simply contact us via e-mail, facsimile or telephone and explore the largest open air museum by Turkish Travel's VIP Service with full comfort.

By D&K,

what you see is what you get

enjoy your stay !



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