Welcome to Turkish Travel's business assistance pages. Not only for tours in Turkey & abroad, Turkish Travel supports your business relations by providing necessary services and information for your company.. Why not come to the cradle of civilization and make personal contacts by meeting with the native traders here in Turkey? Here what Deren Koray Tourism offers for you and your company:


- Airport meeting service

- Hotel, apart, studio and summer-house reservations and transfer services

- Providing the address and the contact info almost 10000 different companies, traders, importer and exporters classified 70 different groups in Aegean region

- Providing A/C and chauffeured car or van for your business visits

- Reserving spaces and forwarding information about regional trade shows and fairs

- Providing shuttle services between fairground and hotels

- Guidance and multilingual translation, secretarial services

- Providing office stuff and other necessary materials

- Providing printing, copying, mailing, announcing services on-time

- Cellular phone, lap top, palm computer, facsimile, barco-vision rental services

- Daily excursions for your leisure all around Turkey

- Business meeting, dinner organizations in special restaurants


Our database caters the whole list of international and domestic traders that are acting as import and export companies. The list contains the name of the companies, the address and other contact information. The trade groups and the traders are classified under 70 category. Let us make our trade companies with yours through Turkish Travel's business assistance service


International and Domestic Traders
1- Traders of fresh fruit, vegetable, and flower
    36- Services related with education, health teeth and eye
2- Traders, producers and exporters of raisins and dried figs
    37- Printing and publishing industry
3- Traders, producers and exporters of dried fruits and nuts
    38- Paper and paper products
4- Cereals and pulse
    39- Office machineries and stationary items
5- Wholesalers of cotton
    40- Computer service
6- Tobacco
    41- Tourism and travel agencies
7- Plant products not involved in agriculture
    42- Restaurants and hotels
8- Milk and products of milk
    43- Transportation and storage
9- Meat, sea products and poultry
    44- Establishments related with money transactions
10- Animal byproducts
    45- Insurance business
11- Products containing flour and confectionary
    46- Various commission agents
12- Olive, olive oil and other vegetable oils
    47- Customs agents and advisers
13- Producers, wholesalers and exporters of foodstuff and consumer goods
    48- Media, advertising agents and service of research
14- Sellers of foodstuff and consumer goods
    49- Photographers and cinema
15- Drapery
    50- Manufacture whosale and export of automobile spare parts
16- Sundries
    51- Sellers of automobile spare parts
17- Mass manufacture and export of confection
    52- Sellers of agricultural and industrial
18- Sellers of confection
    53- Auto services
19- Knitting and confection auxiliary materials
    54- Fuel and mineral oils
20- Leather confection
    55- Small wares and industrial materials
21- Mass manufacture and export of shoes
    56- Metal wares and hard wares
22- Sellers of shoes
    57- Forest products
23- Shoe materials
    58- Sanitary installations
24- Perfumery
    59- Iron and steel
25- Jewelers
    60- Building materials
26- Carpets
    61- Building construction and restoration
27- Furniture
    62- Project, engineering and consultants
28- Upholstery
    63- Services of public works
29- Trade not classified under other caption     64- Lifts, electric, heating and cooling plants construction, maintenance and repairs
30- Durable consumer goods
    65- Mines, minery
31- Sellers of electrical devices and materials
    66- Industrial materials and chemicals
32- Electronic products
    67- Plastic and synthetic fibres
33- Glassware
    68- Foreign trade
34- Pharmacies
    70- Trade commission-agents and agencies
35- Medical instruments and materials

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