Probably you have browsed our tour gallery, private tours gallery and you won't satisfied with the tours we offer. The choices are endless in Turkishtravel.com. Our on-line assistance service will tell you the best possibilities for your specific itinerary and your special destinations. We would like to mention about important points for your tour plans.. Here we classified the tips as 5 FAQ style:




1- We are unable to find our tentative itinerary in both tour gallery and private tours section. What we should do?

        You may make us to tailor your program but please bare in your mind that customized and private tours will increase the expenses all services will only be yours such as guidance, the van/car, the driver and their living expenses. If this will be a group or at least the small party then of course it will be more easy to melt those expenses. Please keep reading the text till you reach the end. 




2- How can we keep the prices reduced?


        The best possibility is to pick the regular tours for each city. We may provide your intercity transportation or you may handle by your self. This will significantly reduce the cost of your itinerary and gives you an ability to compose tour combinations freely. We will also handle your hotel reservations where necessary. You may always pick your tours from Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Gaziantep, Antalya, Izmir and Trabzon and combine in one program. By choosing this method, you won't have to cater the expenses of the driver and guide. 


3- Tell us about intercity access, how can we get cities by our own?

        There are several means of transportation for each city. You may pick your own transportation way after reading these explanations below:

        Buses - Coaches: We can say the best and the most cheap way of transportation between each cities. Almost all intercity buses offer the high quality service and comfortable journeys. Buses must be first choice for your intercity travels. The only disadvantage could be the poor condition of the roads. Every bus companies has a shuttle services to  the city center. This option saves you to pay extra for the transfers.   

        Trains: Unfortunately trains reflect the lack of quality for the travelers. If you have enough time to travel between two cities, you may consider the couchette options but this will not worth when you consider the time and expense ratio again. The best destination is Istanbul - Ankara special express service for daytime and overnight trips. Most of the travelers prefer this service. Despite of all disadvantages, trains are still the safest carriers for the travelers. No shuttle service is applied for the trains.

        Ferry: Although Turkey surrounded by the sea as a great peninsula, there is no frequent liner services between coastal cities unfortunately. You may only find Istanbul - Izmir service once a week takes 18 hours. Recent years Istanbul Municipality put the jet sea bus services between Istanbul - Bandirma and Yalova destinations. These sea buses reflect the top quality as well as their top-speed. Istanbul - Izmir is less than 6 hours by the combination of sea buses and intercity buses.

        Planes: Domestic flights are always safest, fastest and reliable services for the travelers, however they are high rated means of transportation. Thanks to the endless choices of recently launched private airline companies, you may fly many places from the big cities. Some destinations (mostly Eastern part) sometimes require flight transfers in major cities. 

        Rent a car: Car rental is another way for your transportation between cities. There are some advantages and disadvantages of renting the car. You must be careful while driving in Turkey. Some drivers do not obey the traffic rules and this situation creates some problem for the foreign visitors. Toll highways are all secure between Istanbul - Ankara, Aydin - Izmir, Cesme - Izmir, Edirne - Istanbul, Gaziantep - Adana and the rest. The state roads are two-way in one line and it's not wide enough for the security. Moreover trucks, buses and cars use the same line mostly. Most important destinations such as Izmir - Istanbul and Izmir - Ankara connected only state roads that requires special attention again.. 


4- What is next? How am I going to compose my own itinerary?

        a)- Look at the map above and compose your own pre-itinerary.

        b)- Jump the TOURARIUM gallery and select the tours from each city respectively.

        c)- Now combine the regular tours, note down the codes (it's important) and list them one by one by considering the travel sequence.

        d)- Select your favorite intercity travel vehicles. You may combine any of them.

        e)- Forward us the list you have already constituted.


  5- I still can not find my itinerary. What am I going to do next?

Well, in this situation your request will be considered as CUSTOM and TAILOR MADE program request. All you need is to switch your browser to our Customization page by clicking here



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