Paul VI kept his word and after a triumphal entry to Istanbul he came to pay his respects to Virgin Mary at Meryem Ana in Ephesus, on 26th July 1967. He entered the shrine escorted by the crowd. He prayed for a long time in front of the altar and he himself lit the sculpted lamp he had brought. In memory of Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey, he gave the superior of the sisters of Charity who live there a gold chalice for their oratory. Pope John Paul II also came to Virgin Mary on 30th November 1979, after an official visit to Ankara. Although the pilgrimage of these two Popes does not constitute official recognition of Meryem Ana Evi as the place where Mary lived and died, they did at least make known to the whole world, through press and television, the existence of the shrine.  Lastly Pope Benedictus XVI paid visit Turkey in November 2006. Turkey welcomed Pope Benedict with a great honor. His deep tolerance and messages for all believers along with Muslim leaders in Istanbul and Turkey. Please feel free to read about the comments of domestic media in our pages.

(Anna Catharina Emmerick)

The house of the Virgin was first discovered in 1881 by Abbe' Gouyet, of Paris, through the diligent use of Anne-Catherine Emmerick's descriptions. His discovery went unpublished and was generally discounted. Ten years later, in 1891, inspired by the detail of Emmerick's accounts, a group of explorers under the leadership of the learned Father Jung of the Order of Lazarists, again followed her descriptions to relocate the Virgin Mary's home. Catherine Emmerick had revealed that Mother Mary prepared her meals at a fireplace located in the centre of the room and that spring water was present. Excavations by the explorers revealed the presence of the ashes and the spring water continues to flow to his day. Flowing water on a mountaintop in an otherwise and countryside is itself a wonder. The explorers were amazed how closely their discoveries conformed with the description of Emmerick.


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