You are invited to participate in the probably most important ceremony for many years. Beside Jesus' cross stood His mother, His aunt, Klopa's wife Mary and Mary Magdalena. As He saw that His mother and His favourite scholar had arrived, he spoke to His mother: "See, this is your son" and to His scholar: "see, this is your mother " After this moment this scholar, St. John, took Mother Mary with him ( the Holy Bible John, 1925-27 ) He brought her to Ephesus, where she remained in her house at the Bülbül mountain until her death.

On July 26, 1967 Pope Paul VI. payed a visit to the House of Virgin Mary. He spoke the prayers Angelos and Credo and gave a bronze candleholder as a gift. On 30 November 1979, Pope Jean Paul II came to this holy place. He held a mass and declared the House of Mother Mary as a place of worship.


Turkey welcomed Pope Benedictus XVI in November 2006 by thanking for his deep interest and tolerance in Asia Minor. For the sceneries from the visit of Pope such as praying in Virgin Mary's house, visiting Hagia Sophia and other visited places by Pope Benedict, please click here. You'll also be able to browse the news articles from the domestic press so please feel free to take a tour.

Take part in the mass to be held at Mother Mary's House in 2007 and celebrate Jesus 2007th birthday with us.

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