Here you'll find some important points for your and customers' sake..

1- It’s a must to contact a legal tourism agency for reservation, payment and for the package and other tours.

2- Be careful about individuals and groups making organisations illegally.

3- Be careful about the people taking you or your groups to certain places where they take high commission. Try to do your own shopping anywhere you like. If possible offer bargain for the huge total amounts. You may also check our currency and Merch Shop pages for more information about Turkish market and the currency.

4- “Incoming“ is the activity of an “A/AG Grade” tourism agency. “B” and “C” Grade travel agencies are not allowed to do incoming according to the law number 1618.

What is the law numbered 1618? 

It’s illegal to deal with any activities in tourism without getting the necessary document from the Ministry of Tourism. To have these kind of activities is forbidden according to the law numbered 1618. The agencies, which are illegal, are sealed and their process is banned by the government. TURSAB, The Association Turkish Travel Agencies continuously follows and determines the illegal offices all around Turkey.


5- Be careful about the tour programs you are given. Be sure that they are not exaggerated.

6- Be careful about the hidden costs on these programs.

7- “Experience” and “Reference” our two important things in tourism and travel. Ask about the experience and references of the company you are contacting with.



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